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Syracuse is one of the most important former Greek colonies and one of the richest cities in history and culture in Sicily, its important archeological and tourist sites make it a favorite destination for thousands of tourists all over the year. Greek Theatre, Ear of Dyonisus, “Latomie” (stone caves), Tomb of Archimedes, “Museo del Papiro” (Museum of the Papyrus), are just a few of the historic and culltural attractions of Syracuse.

In addition to Syracuse, many places deserve a visit nearby, very interesting sites not only for sea enthusiasts but also for those who are fond of culture. Above all we reccommend the visit of Ortygia, the small island connected to Syracuse, that fills the heart of visitors with its sea views and stunning sunsets, its architecture and unique, beautiful monuments.

Finally, for those who love seaside and remote, exclusive coves, there are many bays and small beaches that allow for great time swimming or relaxing in the sun.



The Small island of Ortigia is a suggestive testimony of olden times, its old, small streets and characteristic buildings make this place absolutely magic. Do not miss the visit of Cathedral and Fontain of Aretusa, mentioned in the poems of Ovid.


Greek Theatre

The Greek Theatre of Syracuse is an archeological site of extraordinary interest in the Archeological Park Neapolis in Syracuse. Nowadays, the Greek Theatre of Syracuse is the setting for the Ancient Drama plays, organized by INDA, held yearly at may.


Eloro Beach

The Eloro Beach is easily reachable from “Lido di Noto”, Noto seaside, through a dirt road. The beach is so called due to the fact that Eloro was an ancient town founded by settlers from Corinth in the VII century. The beach is quiet and remote.


Arenella Beach

Arenella Beach in Syracuse is very large and made of fine, white sand. There are many beach clubs, where to rent umbrellas and sunbeds, or canoes. Free beaches are also available.

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Plemmirio AMP – Syracuse

The Marine Protected Area of Plemmirio is part of the promontory that rises along the city of Syracuse. It is a very interesting tourist attraction, not only from a naturalistic point of view but also historical and cultural. Surely the heritage in the marin abyss is the greatest asset of the Plemmirio MPA.

Plemmirio is the testimony of several dominations that have occurred in Syracuse during centuries and its sea and coast safeguard human testimonies from prehistoric times until nowadays.

After the estabishment of Plemmirio Marine Protected Area , the right importance has been given to scuba diving in this area, so beloved by divers from all over the world. Underwater tours in the Plemmirio are interesting, funny, and often difficult for the beginners.

Diving sites of Plemmirio are 9, divided in two main zones, the A and B zone. The first is more protected and subject to restrictions, including  “Grotte del Formaggio”, “Grotta del Capo”,  “Secca del Capo”,  “Tre Ancore” and  “lingua del Gigante”. The second includes the following diving sites:  “Archi”,  “Costone di Capo Meli”,  “Stalattiti” and  “Corvine”. The sea fauna is spectacular, made of groups of barracuda, white breams, sea breams and amberjacks, quiet groupers of many species and size, clouds of blackfishes, and those who are fond of macro will get excited by colorful nudibranchs and brain corals. You will also find impressive sculptures made by men and shaped by nature, such as the bronze Siren in memory of Rossana Maiorca.

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