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Syracuse between culture, sea and diving

Syracuse is a city in Sicily rich in history and culture, where archaeological sites and assets are the main attractions of tourist and cultural interest throughout the year. Some of these are the Greek Theater of Syracuse, the Ear of Dionysius, the Latomie, the tomb of Archimedes and the very special Papyrus Museum.

Near Syracuse there is a small island, Ortigia, which captivates tourists with its particular landscape that offers wonderful sunsets, its characteristic architecture and narrow streets and the particular beauty of the monuments. It is the perfect place for those who love the sea and culture in general.

Finally, for all those who love the sea and isolated and uncrowded coves, there are many bays and small beaches that offer unforgettable days at the beach.



The Small island of Ortigia is a suggestive testimony of olden times, its old, small streets and characteristic buildings make this place absolutely magic. Do not miss the visit of Cathedral and Fontain of Aretusa, mentioned in the poems of Ovid.


Greek Theatre

The Greek Theatre of Syracuse is an archeological site of extraordinary interest in the Archeological Park Neapolis in Syracuse. Nowadays, the Greek Theatre of Syracuse is the setting for the Ancient Drama plays, organized by INDA, held yearly at may.


Eloro Beach

The Eloro Beach is easily reachable from “Lido di Noto”, Noto seaside, through a dirt road. The beach is so called due to the fact that Eloro was an ancient town founded by settlers from Corinth in the VII century. The beach is quiet and remote.


Arenella Beach

Arenella Beach in Syracuse is very large and made of fine, white sand. There are many beach clubs, where to rent umbrellas and sunbeds, or canoes. Free beaches are also available.

Marine Protected Area of Plemmirio in Syracuse

The Marine Protected Area of Plemmirio is part of the promontory that runs alongside the city of Syracuse and represents a tourist site of extremely high interest, not only from a naturalistic point of view but also from a historical and cultural point of view. Surely, the heritage kept in the marine abyss represents the greatest value of the Plemmirio MPA.

The Plemmirio is the testimony of the different dominations that have followed one another in Syracuse over the centuries and the stretch of coast that represents it tells human testimonies from prehistory to the present day.

As far as scuba diving is concerned, with the establishment of the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area the right value has been given to an underwater excursion activity appreciated by diving enthusiasts from all over the world. The underwater itineraries of Plemmirio are interesting, fun and not too difficult for those who are new to the world of diving.

Immersioni 20

There are nine entrance gates to the Plemmirio seabed and they are divided into two main zones, zone A and zone B. In the first, which is more protected and subject to restrictions, we find the Grotte del Formaggio, the Grotta del Capo, the Secca del Capo, the Three Anchors and the Tongue of the Giant.

Zone B instead offers the following diving spots: Gli Archi, the Costone di Capo Meli, the Stalattiti and the Corvine. Among the fauna present, spectacular shoals of barracuda, white bream, saddled bream and amberjack, placid grouper of all species and sizes, clouds of croakers and for lovers of macro, also very colorful nudibranchs and madrepores, but also suggestive sculptures created by man and modeled by nature like the bronze Siren in memory of Rossana Maiorca.

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