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The introductory dive

The Baptism of the Sea is an experience dedicated to all those who have never done diving and want to get introduced to this wonderful activity.

Anemone Diving Center in Syracuse offers the possibility to all those who want to discover the secrets of the sea and start practicing diving to make their Baptism of the sea.

The first dive of your life is done in a state of perfect safety and allows you to live an experience as extraordinary as it is fun and relaxing, under the guidance of the diving center’s expert instructors.

In fact, the instructors of Anemone Diving Center will illustrate all the rules and basic notions so that the experience in the water takes place in complete comfort, fun, relaxation and safety. The Baptism of the Sea helps to become familiar with the diving techniques, with the equipment and with underwater breathing in order to project the students towards the first diving course that leads them to obtain their first patent and certificate.

Do you want to know more and venture into this new world waiting to be discovered? Contact our diving in Syracuse and book your Baptism of the Sea!

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