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Anemone Diving Center offers courses for every level, from introductory dive, to snorkeling, apnea, recreational and technical courses.

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A fantastic adventure devoted to children. From the age of six years, together with  one’s PSAI Instructor, children will be able to wear the SCUBA equipment and experience the thrill of breathing underwater. It is an experience to record in the personal logbook, to remember, and to repeat again and again, until they are old enough to enrol the Junior Open Water Diver. FROGGY, the baby frog takes the children through the pages of the manual/logbook, which is a nice teaching aid full of games and pictures to color in, complete, read and write. In the Froggy Diver kit the little diver will also find a Froggy sticker, the 'diplomino' and the certification.


The Open Water Diver course is your first step in the diving world. Your PSAI Instructor's explanations, your textbook and the quizzes you will find in each chapter will help you to easily learn the basics to go scuba diving. You will learn how the water pressure acts on our bodies, how to communicate with your diving buddy and how to use the equipment.

The practical exercises will gradually familiarize you with the equipment and staying under water; sooner than you can imagine you will be "flying" in water, feeling light and serene as a peaceful, owner of the "Ocean Planet" that you have just discovered. With the Open Water Diver certification you can dive all over the world, as a beginner and up to a maximum depth of 18 metres.


The PSAI Advanced Open Water Diver course represents the completion of the basic diving training and a first step towards deeper personal interest. With this course you will acquire the skills and knowledge of an experienced diver, venturing under the guidance of your PSAI instructor, in 5 different specialties. Compass orientation and Deep Diving are required specialties for this course, which enable you to autonomously dive up to a limit of 30 metres. The other three specialties are the student's choice and agreed with the instructor.

BLS-D Basic Life Support and Defibrillator

Not only it is an obligatory course in the scuba diver career, It is a unique experience that leads to improve one’s knowledge and awareness in order to make the dfference and effectively help someone in case of necessity. In order to be able to organize promptly rescue operations and intervention of medical staff, to comfort and reassure someone injured, and even to intervene proactively to keep someone alive in extreme cases.


Intervene promptly is essential to save a situation or prevent a minor accident has serious consequences. The course First Aid PSAI, accessible from the age of 12, is an extremely useful tool to be ready for a thousand eventuality, knowing what to do and even - sometimes especially - what not to do. The manual, like all the textbooks PSAI full of photographs, illustrations and clear explanations, will be a pleasant and curious reading resume regularly!


The course Oxygen First Aid PSAI is addressed to all those, and not divers, who for various and different title may be called for assistance and the practical and logistical support in the administration of therapeutic oxygen. E 'in fact conceived to illustrate how to administer oxygen to persons who incur diseases by immersion, cases of drowning or breathing gasses insufficiencies. The administration of oxygen as a first aid in case of diving accidents decompression, is the intervention standards required by national and international procedures, and is recommended by leading international medical organizations, as well as by the EU. The achievement of the Oxygen First Aid PSAI patent is required to access the Rescue Diver course PSAI as well as the course Apnea 3rd Level PSAI.


The Rescue Diver course improves the diver's ability and provides the knowledge and tools to recognize and solve problems on the surface and underwater. You will learn to evaluate if your partner is not able to dive or to help him if he is caught by an illness or trovain an emergency situation. The Rescue Diver is a skilled and dependable diving partner who not only provides security but makes a dive to their partner more enjoyable.



It 'easy to become disoriented underwater, but your guide always knows where to dive, which path to follow and how to get back to resurface alongside the boat. How does? Do you want to be you able to orient yourself underwater and on land? Learn with this course using the compass and other technical guidance.


The majority of marine beauty is to be found in the first 20 to 30 metres from the surface. But sometimes there is a wreck, cave or passage of large fish deeper. This course enables you to dive up to 39 metres in safety and without stress. A necessary prerequisite to enrol in this course is to have achieved the Advanced Open Water Diver licence


Under the surface of the water, we all know, there lurks a world. The morphology of the seabed surprises us with its variety: vents, walls, canyons ... but the caves are attracting more, the thrill of crossing a threshold, discover a world in the world, illuminate dark corners expecting wonderful surprises.


If you get excited by the archaelogical discovery...this is your course. It was created with the cooperation of the “Soprintendenza del Mare”, regional office responsible for archaelogical discoveries. You will get the basics on techniques used on underwater archaeological excavations, including: detection, sampling, gridding, use of the sorbonne, recovery and first treatment of the remains.


Your computer is an essential tool you can rely on and never leave at home. Learning to use it in the best way for diving safely.


If the Deep Diver certificate is not enough for you, and wish to experience more demanding dives, the Deco Diver 40 course introduces you to decompression procedures. The course qualifies divers to do dive to -42 m with up to 15 minutes decompression, using recreational equipment.


Exploring a wreck, an ancient Roman ship, an aircraft shot down in war, or a recent commercial wreck, looking at dark holes and fauna inside, figuring it out up and running or in the moment it sank, they are just some of the most exciting diving experiences that we can have.

Your PSAI instructor will guide you through wreck diving in total safety to enjoy the whole adventure


Do not be surprised, but rather learn how to take excellent photos of fish and underwater environments. During the course underwater housed compact digital cameras and housed reflex digital cameras are used.


Diving from a rubber boat, small boat, or a yacht? Prepare yourself for all the in water descent and ascent ways in preparation for diving trips that you will do around the world.


Not only a scuba diver with a good buoyancy control gets less tired and optimizes consumptios, but also shows the others to be safe, quiet and expert. This course is highly reccommended to all divers that want to grow this passion: it is a funny course that gives many satisfactions!


Many diving sites, among the most beautiful in the world are characterized by strong currents. This course will teach you to dive safely in these conditions.


Dive with oxygen-enriched air gives you longer diving times and a lower nitrogen uptake. With this certification you can dive with Nitrox up to 40% oxygen. the course foresees two modules of theory and 2 practice exercises to take the certification that will allow you to dive with Nitrox up to 40% oxygen and enjoy totally underwater marvels


There are several techniques used for the discovery and subsequent recovery of an object under water and this course teaches how to use them.


Recognizing the main species of flora and fauna of the seas where one dives, knowing the peculiarities and observing rare species makes diving much more interesting.


There’s a world underwater, we know this. Morphology of seabeds always surprises us due to their variety: slots, walls, canyons... and caverns the biggest attraction, thanks to the great thrill of crossing a treshold, discover a new world, illuminate dark points waiting for enchanting surprises. And feel the thrill of looking at the blue at the exit


Many of the most beautiful dive sites in the world are characterized by strong currents. This course teaches you to dive with confidence in these conditions.

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