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Archi 2

The Arches Plemmirio diving sites

Degree of difficulty: Low for both routes
Maximum depth: 20 m green route, 26 m red route
Visibility: High
Interest: High

Diving The Arches is an experience suitable for all levels, both for beginners and for the more experienced. This dive has two routes, the green route where you go down to a depth of 20 meters and the red route where you go down to a depth of 26 meters.

The Arches are located in zone B of the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area in Syracuse and it is very particular because ancient remains are discovered, among these, at the end of a gully you can observe a bronze statue depicting a siren which is a tribute to Rossana Maiorca, freediving champion, daughter of Enzo Maiorca, the great freediver from Syracuse. Precisely for this reason the mermaid is depicted with a woman’s face.

This route is characterized by numerous narrowings full of life. Under one of the arches that we will observe, during the underwater tour, the statue of a Madonna. The walls of these arches are covered with numerous and very colorful sea sponges of different varieties.

To discover all these exciting wonders, all you have to do is book the arches immersion!

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