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Diving in Syracuse in the Plemmirio Protected Area

The Syracusan coast and the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area have always been a paradise for divers and sea lovers. It’s the perfect place to dive with our team.
In 2004, the Plemmirio Protected Area has now become a Specially Protected Area of Mediterranean Interest (ASPIM) due to its characteristic fauna.

The AMP (Protected Maria Area) extends along a perimeter of 14.35 km of coast of the Maddalena Peninsula, with an area of 2,429 hectares of protected emerald green sea. The territory is of great importance from a landscape point of view with cliffs and karst caves; richness of biodiversity and archaeological finds.

The Syracusan coast, an ancient gateway to the Hellenic Orient, is home to amphora hills, anchors and various finds from all eras, up to those of the last world war.

In the deeper seabeds live various characteristic species such as tuna, snapper, amberjack, rays, dolphins, sharks and sperm whales. The diver encounters schools of barracuda, croakers, groupers, even the – by now very rare – dusky grouper, white bream, sea bream and a very rich and varied fauna. In the tidal plain there are interesting trottoirs with worms, Mediterranean biostructures similar to small coral reefs.

For this reason, the Plemmirio MPA has become a Specially Protected Area of Mediterranean Interest, due to its importance in the conservation of biodiversity in the Mediterranean.

Lo Zen Syracuse diving sites
- 18 Mt
The Chines Wall diving to Syracuse
- 55 Mt
I Ruttazzi Syracuse diving sites
- 25 Mt
Low / Medium
La Tonnara Syracuse diving sites
- 30Mt
Three Anchors Plemmirio diving sites
- 23 Mt / 36 Mt
Head’s Dry Plemmirio diving sites
- 33 Mt
Head’s Cave Plemmirio diving sites
- 30 Mt
Cheese Cave Plemmirio diving sites
- 20 Mt - 28 Mt
The Arches Plemmirio diving sites
- 20 Mt / - 26 Mt
Capo Meli Plemmirio diving sites
- 20 Mt / - 25 Mt
Giant’s Tongue Plemmirio diving sites
- 22 Mt / - 30 Mt

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