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Diving to Syracuse

Coast of Syracuse and Protected Marine Area of Plemmirio have always been considered a paradise for scuba divers and sea lovers. MPA since 2004, it has been awarded of the title of “Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance”, SPAMI, due to its characteristic fauna.

The MPA stretches along 14,35 km on the Maddalena peninsula coast, spreading over an area of 2429 HA of protected emerald green sea. The territory is highly relevant from an environmental point of view, featuring cliffs, karst caves, rich biodiversity and archeological remains.

Syracuse coast was the ancient eastern port of entry to the Hellenic civilization, its seabeds house neck amphoras, anchors, several remains from all ages till second world war.

Deepest seabeds are inhabited by many characteristic species lke tunas, snappers, amberjacks, rays, dolphins, sharks, sperm whales. Scuba divers often meet groups of barracuda, blackfishes, groupers, even the very rare now dusky grouper, white breams, gilt-head breams, and a rich, varied fauna. In the tidal flat you find interestng carbonate platforms, mediterranean bio-structures similar to small coral reefs.

Hence Plemmirio MPA has become a SPAMI site, for its importance in the conservation or Mediterranean bio-diversity.

Lo Zen Syracuse diving sites
- 18 Mt
The Chines Wall diving to Syracuse
- 55 Mt
I Ruttazzi Syracuse diving sites
- 25 Mt
Low / Medium
La Tonnara Syracuse diving sites
- 30Mt
Three Anchors Plemmirio diving sites
- 23 Mt / 36 Mt
Head’s Dry Plemmirio diving sites
- 33 Mt
Head’s Cave Plemmirio diving sites
- 30 Mt
Cheese Cave Plemmirio diving sites
- 20 Mt - 28 Mt
The Arches Plemmirio diving sites
- 20 Mt / - 26 Mt
Capo Meli Plemmirio diving sites
- 20 Mt / - 25 Mt
Giant’s Tongue Plemmirio diving sites
- 22 Mt / - 30 Mt
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