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Stalattiti imemrsioni1

Stalactite’s Caves Plemmirio diving sites

Degree of difficulty: Low
Maximum depth: 30 meters
Visibility: High
Interest: High

It is a dive suitable for all skill levels with maximum depth of 30 m,  characterized by a wall full with big slots and swim-through holes. It  is very interesting, featuring a series of wide caves, where exquisite color effects can be admired. The dive owes its name to the spectacular cave that you meet along the coast, in the B zone of the Marine Protected Area, where many species find their shelter, above all the apogon imberbis, known as the cardinal fish, whose male keep their eggs in the mouth until hatching. You can meet quite big red scorpion fishes, and descending along the walls of this site, among the ever-present apogon we often meet specimens of forkbeards, and deeper in the coral sediment you can find the hermit crab, extraordinary example of symbiosis with its anemones. The ascent to the surface allows for the spectacle of the orange stony corals surrounded by purple red sea stars, specimens of yellow stony corals, and groups of two banded sea breams.

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