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Stalattiti imemrsioni1

Stalactite’s Caves Plemmirio diving sites

Degree of difficulty: Low
Maximum depth: 30 meters
Visibility: High
Interest: High

Venturing into the Stalactite Cave is simple. It is a dive suitable for everyone, both for beginners and for those who already have experience. The maximum depth we will reach will be 30 meters.

This dive takes its name from the cave that you meet along the coast, located in zone B of the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area in Syracuse. The Grotta delle Stalattiti is characterized by a wall with large cracks and through holes. We will also pass a series of very large caves where it is possible to admire the wonderful play of light and colour.

Specimens such as the apogon imberbis, also known as king mullet or cardinalfish characterized by a particular orange color, find refuge in the Stalattiti Cave. It is also possible to come across red scorpionfish of considerable size, specimens of forkbeard and even deeper on the coral sediment it is possible to find the hermit crab.

During the ascent we will give you the opportunity to still observe the spectacle of the orange madreporas, dotted with purple-red starfish, specimens of yellow madreporas and schools of banded bream.

Don’t miss the opportunity to admire the wonders of the underwater world and the Stalactite Cave. Book your dive now!

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