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I Ruttazzi Syracuse diving sites

Difficulty: Low / Medium
Maximum depth: 25 Mt
Visibility: Media
Interest: High

The I Ruttazzi dive in Syracuse is suitable for all levels, thanks to the low degree of difficulty, only in the presence of currents and poor visibility could it be a slightly more complicated route but still suitable even for less experienced since the maximum depth you reach is 25 meters.

During the Ruttazzi dive, you can observe a large wall with numerous caves and holes in which many fish such as groupers, breams and morays find refuge. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to be able to find the solitary Musdea, also known in Sicily as “wolffish”. A particular fish that moves during the night and during the day takes refuge among the rocks because it is not very sociable.

To discover the wonderful world of diving and go and explore the underwater world and the Ruttazzi, book your dive now, we will be happy to guide you in this exciting experience.

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