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Giant’s Tongue Plemmirio diving sites

Difficulty: Low – Medium (with the power on)
Maximum depth: 22Mt (green route) – 30Mt (red path)
Visibility: High
Interest: High

This diving site is located in the A zone of Plemmirio Marine Protected Area with maximum depth of 40 metres. This dive is easy or intermediate on current conditions ; it features 2 possible routes, towards east or west. It owes its name to a long ridge of white stone with a majestic cave that seems like a huge gate in the blue. Inside, we admire spectacular light shows and narwhal shrimps, and outside amphoras and remains from an ancient shipwreck. A dive of great interest.

Descending along the buoy line we reach a big round stone at 18 metres depth, whose base at 25/27 metres is full with colorful slots. Few metres west, you find a huge strip of white stone that falls sharp from 12 to 25 metres, and then slopes down to 30 m depth. Swimming towards east for a few dozen metres, with the wall on our left, we can see the impressive entrance of a cave between 24 and 18 metres depth, it is so huge that reminds the image of a big gate in the blue. On the east side of the cave, the wall features zones in which it slopes down vertically and others in which it is covered with big white stone blocks that go deep until 35 metres. There, we will surely meet big white breams and groupers that enter the labirynth created by the stone blocks. We can observe two banded sea breams, saddled sea breams, salemas, parrotfishes, octopus and moray eels.

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