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Secca del capo immersioni 2

Head’s Dry Plemmirio diving sites

Difficulty: Intermediate – High on current conditions
Maximum depth: 33 Mt 
Visibility: High
Interest: Very high

Secca del Capo is located in zone A of the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area. In this dive, in which the degree of difficulty is normally medium and high if there is current, it is possible to reach a maximum depth of 33 metres.

The current of the sea, being a fundamental characteristic of this dive, conditions it as it determines the presence of life and the transparency of the water.

The Capo shoal is very deep, ranging from 33 to 13 meters and is almost as wide as a tennis court, which is why it is also visible from the surface. During this fantastic and exciting dive it is possible to make very particular and interesting encounters with pelagic fish, ducts, barracudas, groupers and breams. In the rocky walls it is not uncommon to find colorful moray eels.

So the Secca del Capo dive, in the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area in Syracuse, is ideal for those who already have a minimum of experience in the field of diving and want to come across new and exciting adventures in the underwater world. All you have to do is book your dive now.

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