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Cheese Cave Plemmirio diving sites

Difficulty: Low for both routes
Maximum depth: 20 m the green route, 28 m the red route
Visibility: High
Interest: High

This site is located in the A zone of Plemmirio Marine Protected Area.

Maximum depth is 28 metres. It is an easy dive or intermediate on current conditions. Many caves can be visited, featuring large sizes and rocky seabeds. We will pass through a slightly sloping tunnel from 9 to 19 m, whose vault is wonderfully colored by sponges, briozoa, yellow cluster anemones. Mediterranean slipper lobsters and broad lobsters will swim with us, together with white breams. Once we will be out of the tunnel we will find black fishes, groupers, groups of salemas, saddled sea breams, parrotfishes, looking at us curiously. This diving site is like a color palette, due to sponges, briozoa, yellow cluster anemones and all around broad lobsters, Mediterranean slipper lobsters and white breams.

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