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Cheese Cave Plemmirio diving sites

Difficulty: Low for both routes
Maximum depth: 20 m the green route, 28 m the red route
Visibility: High
Interest: High

The Cheese Cave are located in zone A of the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area in Syracuse. The dive includes two itineraries, both very simple and suitable for all divers, even beginners. In the green course you dive up to 20 meters deep, in the red course up to 28 meters.

During this suggestive wall dive we will take you to visit many large caves with rocky bottoms. We will pass through a slightly sloping tunnel, from 9 to 19 meters, in which the vault, i.e. the upper part, is beautifully colored by sea sponges, bryozoans and sea daisies. Always inside the tunnel we will be accompanied by white bream, magnose and magnosella, the latter two also known as sea cicadas.

At the exit of the tunnel, on the other hand, waiting for us will be corvine, dusky grouper, shoals of salema, saddled bream, white bream and parrot fish, very colorful and typical of the Mediterranean.

Diving in the Cheese Caves is exciting and unforgettable, so you just have to book your dive.

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