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Grotte del capo 1

Head’s Cave Plemmirio diving sites

Difficulty: Low, intermediate on current conditions
Maximum depth: 30 Mt
Visibility: High
Interest: High / a must do

The Grotta del Capo is located in zone A of the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area. It is a dive suitable for all divers, both beginners and experts, as it is a wall dive, it does not present any particular complications and depths of up to 30 meters are reached.

Keeping the wall on our side, we will see shoals of banded bream, salema and saddled bream wandering around, but it is possible to come across groupers, croakers and mostelle.

The dive is suggestive and spectacular also thanks to the particular play of light due to the two openings in the rock and the colored walls with colored sea sponges, bryozoans and sea daisies.

Following the wall to the left we will find three caves which can be accessed through three large openings, between 8 and 10 meters high, which almost touch the surface. The first two caves are very close to each other, the third cave, on the other hand, is about ten meters away inside the rock itself.

The caves of the cape are easily accessible because being very large they do not pose any danger, they are without bifurcation and with a rocky bottom.

We can therefore say that the Grotta del Capo dive, in the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area in Syracuse, is designed for both beginners and the more experienced and for all those who want to try a new experience in the underwater world. Book your dive at Grotta del Capo now.

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