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Grotte del capo 1

Head’s Cave Plemmirio diving sites

Difficulty: Low, intermediate on current conditions
Maximum depth: 30 Mt
Visibility: High
Interest: High / a must do

This site is located in the A zone of the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area. Maximum depth is 30 metres, easy dive or intermediate on current conditions. We will visit caves inhabited by the typical fauna of our coast, featuring marvellous light shows. This dive is a must do!

Descending along the wall we will meet groups of two banded sea breams, salemas and saddled sea breams, and probalby groupers, black fishes and forkbeards.This dive is spectacular both for the light shows due to 2 openings, and for walls colored by sponges, bryozoa, yellow cluster anemones.Along the left side of the wall we find 3 caves, accessible through 3 wide openings that from 8 to 10 metres depth reach the surface. The first two caves are very close to each other, while the third is about 10 metres far, after a depression on the rock. Access to these caves is easy, they do not present significant risks since they are very large, without forks and with rocky seabeds.

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