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Capo Meli Plemmirio diving sites

Difficulty: Low for both routes
Maximum depth: 20 metres, green route – 25 metres, red route
Visibility: High
Interest: High

Capo Meli is located in zone B of the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area in Syracuse. The Capo Meli dive has a low difficulty and is excellent for both the more experienced and the beginners. This experience includes two routes, the green route where you descend to a depth of 20 meters and the red route where you get to 25 meters.

During the dive we will go to explore a cave with a semi-circular opening, full of life and colors. Near the ridge it is possible to spot shoals of barracuda used to swim together with divers. Furthermore, it often happens to come across octopuses, hermit crabs, white bream and scorpion fish of considerable size. Furthermore, numerous sea sponges, branches of false coral and sea lace can be seen.

Capo Meli is therefore a very simple wall dive and does not present particular difficulties. Along the top of the buoy up to a depth of 12 meters you reach a seabed where sandy areas alternate with meadows of Posidonia, aquatic plants.

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