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Capo Meli Plemmirio diving sites

Difficulty: Low for both routes
Maximum depth: 20 metres, green route – 25 metres, red route
Visibility: High
Interest: High

This diving site is located in the B zone of Plemmirio Marine Protected Area, with a maximum depth of 25 metres, and allows for an easy dive on both routes. The cave features a half-circle opening, rich in life and colors.  We can see and follow quiet groups of barracuda next to the ridge, and often meet octopus, hermit crabs, white breams and quite big scorpion-fishes.

It is a wall dive suitable for all divers, as it does not present significant difficulties. Along the buoy line, 12 metres deep, we reach the seabed made of sand and posidonia meadows. Descending along the ridge we get close to some blocks of white stone and then to the semicircular entrance of a cave, populated by several sponges, branches of colonial false coral and Neptunes’ laces, in addition to groupers and scorpion fishes  There, hidden by posidonia we find noble pen shells and three big blocks of stone with a hole in the middle, while reducing depth we often meet scorpion fishes, octopus, hermit crabs and white breams, and hundreds of barracuda.

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