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Anemone Diving

Diving Center
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Anemone Diving

Diving Center in Syracuse Scuba diving

For your scuba diving in the Plemmirio Protected Area, contact the Anemone Diving Center in Syracuse.

Anemone Diving Center is a solid reality born from an innate passion and love for the sea and for the underwater world. A feeling nourished over the years thanks to the desire to always go on the discovery of new exciting adventures.
Our Diving Center offers technical and recreational diving courses of various levels to meet everyone’s needs, guided dives in the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area and enchanting boat excursions.

Thanks to our decades of experience and professionalism we will take you to discover some enchanting diving sites within the Marine Protected Area of Plemmirio. Furthermore, we proposed engaging activities for all the members of the association, even for those who are interested in the world of diving for the first time, to give them a 360° experience.

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In tutto il diving è presente Kit di pronto soccorso, ossigeno e defibrillatore.

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Diving in the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area

The Marine Protected Area of Plemmirio, in Syracuse, is a perfect place for all those who love diving or want to try this wonderful experience and adventure to be discovered.

Our goal is to organize Scuba Diving capable of involving and exciting the curiosity and desire for adventure of all divers, from the most experienced to the least experienced, guaranteeing everyone maximum enjoyment in total safety.

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Sub Technical and Recreational Courses

Do you dream of diving into the seabed, swimming and discovering new wonders? What you need to get better prepared are our Dive Courses that help you get better prepared to dive to greater depths.

The Sub Courses of Anemone Diving Center in Syracuse are designed for those who already have minimal experience in diving and want to have Advanced Certificates for deeper dives.

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