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Anemone Diving

Diving center in Syracuse

Anemone Diving Center in Syracuse was born from a great and innate passion for the sea and for the world of diving. A passion that united us in an adventure full of stimuli and emotions, and which ultimately resulted in the birth of our association. We are in fact a sports association that offers technical and recreational diving courses of various levels, guided dives in the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area and boat excursions.

Thanks to the experience, enthusiasm and professionalism of Anemone Diving Center you will be able to discover dozens of enchanting dive sites, especially within the now well-known Plemmirio Marine Protected Area. Our aim is not only to offer diving courses and issue patents, but also to create a group of friends who can share the same passion for the sea and diving, having fun together.

It is precisely for this reason that, in addition to the lessons, many other activities are organized that involve all the members of the association, so that the world of diving, especially for those approaching it for the first time, is experienced as an experience. at 360 degrees and is not limited only to the training part. Enchanting location on the small port of Syracuse with a characteristic view of Ortigia.

Safe diving

throughout the diving there is a first aid kit and oxygen

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Plemmirio Diving

Protected Marine Area of Plemmirio in Syracuse, is always a great attraction and emotion for all those who love diving or want to try this new adventure to be discovered.

All our dives are designed to excite, excite, discover and leave the memory of a unique experience in everyone’s heart.

Each dive is designed and organized to satisfy the curiosity of all our divers, from the most to the less experienced, thus ensuring maximum fun in total safety.

Diving center

The diving courses

How many times have you imagined diving into the seabed and swimming among wonderful fish? The solution to better prepare you for this new adventure are the Sub Courses, designed to guide you in the wonderful backdrop of the Plemmirio.

Our Diving Courses are also designed for those who have already had some diving experience and want to have advanced certificates to dive to greater depths.

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